How to classify asphalt mixing plant

July 15, 2021 mixing mode,continuous drum type,intermittent forced mode

1. According to the migration mode, it can be divided into mobile, semi fixed and fixed.

Mobile type is equipped with tires on the mixing pot and silo, which can be transferred to the new construction site at any time according to the needs by traction, and is suitable for the construction of county and township roads and low-grade roads;

Semi fixed type is to directly install the equipment components on several trailers and assemble them at the construction site, which is mostly used in highway construction;

The fixed type is to fix the asphalt mixing plant in one place, which is mainly used for project concentration and urban road construction.


2. According to the output, the output of Model 40 is 40 tons per hour, and that of Model 80 is 80 tons per hour. Generally, there are models 40, 80, 120, 160, 240, 320, 4000, etc., which can be divided into small, medium and large ones.

Small scale asphalt mixing plant, which can produce less than 40 tons per hour, has small modules, fast installation, simple operation, and is suitable for road paving and maintenance.

Medium sized asphalt mixing plant, 40-400 tons per hour.

Large scale asphalt mixing plant, more than 400 tons of asphalt mixing plant.


3. According to the mixing mode, it can be divided into continuous drum type and intermittent forced mode.

The continuous drum type is the drum type mixing. After dynamic measurement of cold aggregate, it is directly heated in the drying drum. The continuous mixing mode is used for production. The heating and drying of aggregate and the mixing of mixture are carried out continuously in the same drum; The process is simple and the equipment is relatively simple.

Forced intermittent type, that is, the initially prepared cold aggregate is added to the drying cylinder for drying, and then the hot aggregate is lifted to the vibrating screen for screening. After the measurement of the hot storage bin, it is added to the mixing pot together with the measured mineral powder and asphalt to form the asphalt mixture. The heating and drying of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are carried out periodically. The equipment measures ingredients, stirs and discharges in one pot. Each pot stirs for 45 seconds to 60 seconds. Due to the secondary screening of aggregate and the secondary metering process of asphalt, the proportion of aggregate and asphalt is relatively accurate.