Function of vibrating screen in asphalt mixing plant

July 5, 2021 vibrating screen,up vibration type

Asphalt mixing plant is composed of many different equipment, their respective division of labor is not the same, one of which is called vibrating screen. It is mainly to mix the aggregates of different specifications after drying and heating by drying drum, and separate them again according to the particle size, so as to prepare for measurement.

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From the current market point of view, vibrating screen is mainly divided into: single shaft vibrating screen, double shaft vibrating screen and resonance screen. The first two are widely used in asphalt mixing plant. Although the production efficiency of resonance screen is high, it is not widely used because of its complex structure and troublesome maintenance.

According to the arrangement of vibration mechanism, the vibrating screen can be divided into up vibration type and down vibration type. In comparison, the latter is more traditional and old, and is very troublesome in installation and maintenance, so it is rarely used. Nowadays, the structure with up vibration is generally used, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of the past, but also simplifies the structural design greatly.

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However, in the work of asphalt mixing plant, even if the performance of vibration screening is good, it will still be affected by some factors, so there will be some abnormal problems, affecting the normal screening work.

Therefore, in practical application, we need to arrange personnel to clean the screen regularly, so as to ensure the screening efficiency and improve the performance index of the finished material. In addition, it is also necessary to check the tightness of the drive belt in time, so as to adjust or replace it, so as to ensure the normal operation of the screening machine and provide good conditions for the normal operation and smooth production of the asphalt mixing plant.