Batch Asphalt Mix Plant - Concrete Mixing Plant For Sale

April 23th,2021 asphalt concrete mixing plant,concrete mixing plant

Asphalt concrete mixing plant is a building material manufacturing equipment composed of a mixing host, a material weighing system, a material conveying system, a material storage system, a control system and other auxiliary facilities. The main principle of its work is to use cement as a cementing material. The raw materials such as sand, lime, and cinder are mixed and stirred, and then made into asphalt concrete.

Since the asphalt concrete mixing plant was put into use, it has been playing an important role in my country's construction and building materials industry. Of course, this is also determined by the superior characteristics of the asphalt concrete mixing plant itself.

The asphalt concrete mixing plant is mainly divided into four parts: sand and gravel feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture feeding, transmission and mixing and storage. The whole body of the equipment is cast with an integral steel structure. The excellent H-shaped steel is not only beautiful in appearance, but also The overall structural strength of the asphalt concrete mixing plant is strengthened, the equipment is convenient to install, and it can be applied to various complex terrain structures.


   The concrete mixing plant has good mixing performance. The equipment adopts a spiral twin-shaft forced mixing host. Not only is the mixer powerful, it can achieve good mixing results for asphalt concrete with dry hardness, plasticity and various ratios. And the mixing is even, and the efficiency is high. The concrete mixing plant not only has an excellent mixing host, but also a variety of sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyors, measuring sensors, pneumatic components, etc. These components ensure a high degree of reliability during the operation of the concrete mixing plant, accurate measurement skills and Long service life.

At the same time, each repair and maintenance part of the concrete mixing plant is equipped with a walking platform or inspection ladder, and has enough space for manipulation. The mixing host can be equipped with a high-pressure automatic cleaning system, which has automatic alarm functions for oil shortage and over-temperature, which is convenient for equipment maintenance. The concrete mixing plant has a good environmental protection function. During the operation of the machine, the powder handling is carried out in a fully enclosed system. The powder tank adopts a high-efficiency dust collector/mist spray and other methods to greatly reduce the pollution of the dust to the environment. At the same time, the asphalt concrete The mixing station adopts muffler devices for pneumatic system exhaust and unloading equipment to effectively reduce noise pollution.