Quality Control in the Process of Asphalt Mixture Mixing

April 8th,2021 asphalt mixing equipment,asphalt mixing

The quality of the first mixing of the mixing equipment


Control In order to ensure that the first mixing of the mixing equipment meets the requirements of the specification, when the asphalt mixing equipment is started, it is generally carried out against the material transportation process.
When the drying cylinder reaches a certain temperature, the cold material conveyor and the batching feeding device can be started. Before the mixing machine formally mixes the finished material, it should be pre-mixed with hot sand and gravel material two or three times in order to preheat the shell of the mixer. In the formal mixing, the hot sand and gravel and stone powder should be dry-mixed in the mixer for 10-15 seconds, and then sprayed into the asphalt mixing.
In the work, the material should be evenly supplied to prevent excessive accumulation of materials in each hopper of the hot silo, which will cause the phenomenon of stringing, which affects the mixing ratio of sand and gravel materials.