How to ensure the safety of the asphalt mixing plant?

16th March,2021 asphalt mixing plant manufacturer,asphalt mixing plant

Asphalt mixing plant is a large-scale mechanical equipment commonly used in modern road construction. In order to better ensure the safety of the machinery in use, the technicians of the asphalt mixing plant manufacturer will introduce the use of asphalt mixing plant for you .



What safety issues should be paid attention to when using asphalt mixing plant ?

It is forbidden for people to approach within 1 meter around the asphalt mixing plant. When the asphalt mixing plant conveyor belt is running, a certain safety distance (60cm) must be maintained.

In order to prevent splashing and falling of rubble, safety helmets must be worn when entering the work site;

To better cooperate with the work When personnel command vehicles and ensure the safety of staff, electric bells should be installed on the asphalt mixing plant;