Asphalt Mixing Plant Operation Management

December 9th,2020 asphalt pavement,asphalt mixing plant,asphalt spraying,batching asphalt mix plant

In the construction of asphalt pavement, the asphalt mixing plant plays a key role. The performance of the asphalt mixing plant and the working condition of the asphalt mixing plant directly affect the quality of the asphalt mixture, which is related to the quality of the entire project and the entire project. schedule. Therefore, the current control technology of asphalt mixing plant is becoming more advanced and the content of science and technology is increasing day by day. This requires machinery operators to continuously improve their operating skills to meet the needs of construction, ensure the normal operation of the machinery, and exert its due effects to ensure the quality of the project. Ensure the progress of the project.

So how can we ensure the normal operation of the machinery and give full play to its due function.


First of all, the operator should be proficient in the structure of each part of the mixing plant and its working principle, and on this basis, strictly control each production detail, especially the metering system, because the quality of the metering work directly affects the asphalt mixture. Technical indicators.

For the stone metering system, it should be noted that:

(1) Keep each discharge door open and close flexible and fast;

(2) Each discharge port should be kept unblocked, and there should be no deposits to ensure that the stone can flow down quickly and evenly during measurement;

(3) All unloading doors should be closed in time and well sealed, and there should be no leakage at the end of single material measurement;

(4) The area around the aggregate weighing hopper must be kept clean, and there must be no foreign matter to avoid jamming. It is necessary to ensure that the aggregate weighing hopper is completely suspended at all times;.

(5) For each aggregate weighing sensor, the preload must be balanced, the force must be consistent, and the induction must be sensitive.

For the powder metering system, the following points should be noted:

(1) Keep the powder conveying pipeline unblocked, and there can be no blocking;

(2) The feeder or valve must be tightly sealed, and at the end of the measurement; no powder leakage;

(3) Frequently remove the dust and debris on the powder metering hopper to keep it clean;

(4) The entire metering system should be well sealed to prevent the powder from damp and agglomerate;.

(5) The powder scale should be discharged thoroughly, there should be no residual powder in the scale, the discharge door should be closed tightly, and no powder should be leaked during measurement.

Pay attention to the asphalt metering system:

(1) Before starting production, the pipeline must be fully heated to ensure that the asphalt temperature in the system reaches the specified value;

(2) The asphalt spraying pipeline must be clean and unobstructed, and the nozzle part must not be blocked, otherwise the spraying will be uneven, which will affect the mixing effect;

(3) The asphalt spraying pump or opening valve must be closed tightly to ensure that there is no dripping after the asphalt spraying;

(4) The action of the asphalt metering switch valve must be accurate, timely, and well sealed, and the asphalt metering barrel must be hung firmly and flexible.

For the entire metering system of the batching asphalt mix plant, the operator must always check. Check whether each weighing scale is completely suspended, whether there is any jamming, check whether each weighing sensor is working normally, and whether the sensor is sensitive. Check regularly to make the displayed value match the actual value. If problems are found, solve them in time to ensure that the metering system is always in good working condition.