Asphalt Mixing Plant Equipment Maintenance

Nov.18th,2020 asphalt paving,asphalt paving project,asphalt mixing plant,batching machine

With the continuous improvement of my country's urbanization level, road infrastructure projects continue to increase. In the highway asphalt paving project, the necessary supporting facility is the asphalt mixing plant. In the actual production of the asphalt mixing plant, due to problems such as inadequate daily use and maintenance measures of the mechanical equipment, the mechanical equipment has malfunctions. In the management of related equipment, the main focus is to maintain the mixer and calibration weights. Once the equipment fails, maintenance should be carried out immediately.




In order to better maintain the mechanical equipment of the asphalt mixing plant, a daily management mechanism should be established to strengthen the daily management of mechanical equipment.

Asphalt mixing plant is an indispensable supporting facility in highway asphalt paving engineering. In daily operation, various maintenance work should be carried out according to the operation of mechanical equipment.

Comprehensive maintenance is carried out from the maintenance of the idler pulley, the adjustment of the belt tension, the batching machine, the gas path control system, and the dust removal equipment to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical equipment of the asphalt mixing plant.