Installation steps of asphalt mixing plant

Nov.16th,2020 Road pavement mechanization,concrete mixing equipment,asphalt mixing plant,asphalt plant,asphalt storage equipment

With the development of my country's economy, highway construction has also been carried out by leaps and bounds. In highway construction, higher requirements have been put forward for the construction quality of the project. my country's highway construction has gradually completed mechanization. The development of construction mechanization can greatly reduce labor intensity and greatly shorten the construction period. To a certain extent, it also shows the modernization of the level of highway construction.


Road pavement mechanization includes three primary processes: mixing, paving, and rolling. Mixing is an important guarantee for ensuring construction quality. In the mixing process, the asphalt concrete mixing equipment is the number one element that determines the project schedule and project quality, and it plays an irreplaceable role in highway construction. Because of its mobilization of various skills such as mechanical, electrical and automation.


Installation of asphalt station:

1. Site selection

(1) Due to the large workload of the large-scale asphalt mixing plant, its floor space requirements are very high. We must fully consider the types of equipment during construction and the amount of stone storage. When selecting a site, we should try to choose the center of the construction section as close as possible. At the same time, we must also consider whether the source of water and electricity can be guaranteed, and the transportation of raw materials and finished products Whether the transportation of materials into and out of the asphalt plant is convenient.

(2) Attention should also be paid to the selection of the external environment of the site. The natural conditions should be dry, the terrain should be slightly higher, and the groundwater level should not be too high. When selecting the site, the geological conditions of the site should be fully understood to avoid the geological conditions. Poor, the gravity of the equipment causes the terrain to sink and deform the equipment.

(3) In the case of multiple roads being constructed together, the simple way to choose a suitable location is to calculate various costs and determine the address through uniform haul distance.


2. Resettlement

In the future, the site selection should carry out a reasonable resettlement plan for the entire construction site. The boiler energy-saving transformation due to the large-scale asphalt mixing plant requires a wide variety of equipment, including the mixing host, asphalt storage equipment, product warehouse, heat transfer oil furnace, and barrel removal machine. , Power distribution room, cable trenches, placement of double-layer asphalt pipelines, automotive electronic scales and parking places for construction vehicles, equipment maintenance workshops, test rooms and stone mixing yards; after the start of construction, there will be as many as a dozen The raw materials and products entering and leaving the mixing station, we must plan the layout scientifically and reasonably to avoid disturbing the normal construction order due to the unreasonable layout.