government leaders visited the company to investigate "six stability", "six guarantees" and corporate development


On November 4th, Fang Ting, member of the Standing Committee of the Xuchang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Director of the Supervisory Committee, accompanied by leaders of the Weidu District Peoples Government Li Chaofeng and other leaders, visited Wanli Communications Technology Group for investigation.



In the Sinoroader UHPC Prefabricated Building Components Fully Automatic Production Line Workshop in the Wanlijiao Branch Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Zhang Liangqi of company chairman reported to Secretary Fang Ting and his party on the current overall business progress of the group, and introduced the production line construction and production status and prefabricated building products.Thanks for the advantages and characteristics of this years special situation, government departments and leaders at all levels have provided the company with various support for the "six stability and six guarantees" policy services.



Secretary Fang Ting said: “Sinoroader prefabricated buildings rely on vibration mixing technology to extend the industry to ensure upstream and downstream development. It is very commendable”.