Why Does Emulsified Asphalt Foam In The Production Of Emulsified Asphalt Equipment

January 20th, 2020 emulsified asphalt equipment,bitmen emulsion plant,emulsified bitumen plant

When we use emulsified asphalt equipment, foaming will occur. So why does this happen? The following is a brief introduction to you.

Emulsified asphalt equipment often has foaming during transportation and construction. This phenomenon is directly related to the characteristics of surfactants. Foam generated during production and transportation is unfavorable and directly affects production efficiency. In the construction process, it is sometimes advantageous. For example, the presence of foam in the slurry seal construction will obviously improve the workability of the mixture.


In order to prevent the production of emulsified asphalt foam during the production of emulsified asphalt equipment, it is common to reduce the introduction of air through mechanical methods, such as from the lower part of the tank when transporting or transporting the emulsion during the production process, thereby preventing foam due to impact. For particularly serious foam, you can also use chemical means to eliminate, add appropriate defoamers. Defoaming agents are generally surfactants with HLB values in the range of 1-4, such as long-chain alcohols, animal and vegetable oils, alkyl polysiloxanes, and the like.

In order to eliminate the foam that has been generated, adding alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and other substances is also a good method. However, because these chemical methods cause cost increase, for emulsified asphalt, foaming is generally prevented mechanically. The generation of foam and the existence of foam are the characteristics of emulsified asphalt, which is directly related to the performance of the emulsifier used. A suitable emulsifier can be selected according to the needs.


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