How to Achieve the Mutual Solubility of Bitumen and Water in Bitumen Emulsion Plant

January 17th, 2020 bitumen emulsion plant,bitumen emulsion equipment

Bitumen Emulsion Plant can be divided into mobile, removable and fixed according to the degree of automatic speaking. How to achieve the mutual solubility of water in emulsified asphalt equipment?

The surface tension of asphalt and water is very different, and they will not be miscible with each other at normal or high temperature. However, when it is subjected to mechanical actions such as high-speed centrifugation, shearing, and strike, it makes it into particles with a particle size of 0.1 to 5 μm and is dispersed in an aqueous medium containing a surfactant. Since the emulsifier can be adsorbed on the particles in a targeted manner Surface, thus reducing the interfacial tension between water and asphalt, so that the asphalt particles can form a stable dispersion system in water, it is an oil-in-water emulsion. This dispersion system is dark brown, pitch is the dispersed phase, water is the continuous phase,  and has good fluidity at room temperature.


In a sense, the emulsified asphalt equipment is used to dilute the asphalt with water, thus changing the fluidity of the asphalt.

Mobile equipment is an emulsifier blending device, emulsifier, asphalt pump, control system, etc. fixed on a support chassis. As the production site can be transferred, it is suitable for the preparation of emulsified asphalt at construction sites with scattered engineering, low usage and frequent movement.

Removable equipment installs each main assembly in one or two or more standard containers, which are loaded and transported separately to achieve site transfer. Relying on the installation of lifting equipment to form a working state, such equipment has large, medium, and Small different configurations can meet different engineering requirements.

Stationary equipment generally relies on places where there are asphalt storage tanks, such as an asphalt plant or an asphalt concrete mixing plant, to serve some relatively fixed customer groups within a distance. The basis for selecting emulsified asphalt equipment is this.