Emulsified Asphalt Equipment Can Guarantee Production Quality

December 25th, 2019 asphalt emulsion machine,bitumen emulsion plant,bitumen emulsion equipment

An important index for measuring the quality of emulsified asphalt produced by emulsified asphalt equipment is the degree of fineness of the asphalt particles. Therefore, the higher the degree of refinement of the product, the better the performance and storage stability of the emulsified asphalt. The process of crushing and dispersing asphalt liquid phase using emulsified asphalt equipment is a very complicated mechanical process. Generally, the crushing and dispersion of asphalt liquid phase is completed by using shear, extrusion, friction, impact and expansion and diffusion. And we also need to know more about emulsified asphalt equipment.

The degree of refinement of the materials produced by the emulsified asphalt equipment has a very direct relationship with the emulsifier in the emulsified asphalt equipment used to produce the emulsified asphalt, which is the heart of the emulsified asphalt equipment. Therefore, the performance of the emulsifier has an important impact on the quality and stability of the emulsion. At present, emulsified asphalt equipment is mainly divided into three categories, so the degree of refinement of emulsified asphalt production directly affects the best-selling problem of emulsified asphalt equipment. Therefore, when we purchase emulsified asphalt equipment, we should choose an emulsifier with a high degree of uniformity, so as to ensure the production quality and stability of the emulsified asphalt.

See the different processes of emulsified asphalt equipment


Emulsified asphalt equipment is classified according to the process flow, which can be divided into three types: intermittent operation, semi-continuous operation and continuous operation.

1. Batch modified emulsified asphalt production equipment. During production, emulsifiers, acids, water, and latex modifiers are mixed in a soap liquid mixing tank, and then pumped to the colloid mill in the asphalt. After one can of soap is used up, configure the soap, and then proceed to the production of the next can. When used in the production of modified emulsified asphalt, depending on the modification process, the latex pipeline can be connected either before or after the colloid mill, or there is no dedicated latex pipeline. Instead, the specified amount of latex is manually miserable Add to soap tank.

2. Semi-continuous emulsified asphalt production equipment, in fact, batch-type emulsified asphalt equipment is mostly equipped with soap liquid mixing tanks, so that soap liquid can be mixed alternately to ensure uninterrupted delivery of soap liquid to colloid mill. At present, a considerable number of domestic emulsified asphalt production equipment belong to this type.

3. Continuous emulsified asphalt production equipment, which pumps emulsifier, water, acid, latex modifier, asphalt, etc. directly into the colloid mill with a metering pump. The blending of soap liquid is done in the conveying pipeline.