Important Role of Synchronous Lithotripsy Technology

December 18th, 2019 Synchronous Chip Sealer,road construcyion equipment

In recent years, synchronous gravel seal technology has developed rapidly in China, and related construction experience is also getting richer. And it is very common in China. This is definitely inseparable from the advantages of the synchronous gravel seal itself.


Synchronous gravel seal technology is widely recognized as the world's low-energy pavement maintenance technology, which means that it can cover a large area of use without a large investment. And this is very suitable for China as a developing country.

Compared with other technologies, such as slurry seal or ultra-thin technology, synchronous gravel seal technology uses long softening asphalt, which is more suitable for non-rigid pavement. It has strong water resistance, extremely high slip resistance, good roughness, and good performance in handling cracks between layers. This is very suitable for the climatic characteristics of heavy summer rainfall and long rainy season in most areas of our country.

China has a vast area and great differences in highway conditions. The synchronous gravel seal technology is applicable to highways, first-grade highways and second-grade highways, as well as urban highways, rural and suburban highways, and can cope with various situations. Such as different climates, transportation capacity, and so on.

Synchronous gravel seal technology is also a low-cost rural road construction technology in the world. It is a good solution for rural road construction. To develop road construction first, a certain amount of investment is definitely needed. If synchronous gravel sealing technology is adopted, it can save a lot of costs.