What are the advantages of Environmentally hot reclaimed asphalt mixing plant?

November 20th, 2019 drum asphalt mixing plant,bacth mix asphalt plant,asphalt hot mixing plant,continuous asphalt mixing plant,mobile asphalt plant,asphalt mixing plant

What are the advantages of Environmentally hot reclaimed asphalt mixing plant?

In order to thoroughly implement the guiding principle of “green and quality” demonstration project of Beijing-Shanghai reform and expansion, the project department plans to mix the old pavement materials obtained on the asphalt pavement into ATB-25 hot mix recycled materials to build flexible base pavement, project department. Through the investigation and comparison of the regenerative mixing equipment, the final selection of Deji Machinery's environmentally-friendly integrated thermal reclaimed asphalt station, which will crush and screen the old asphalt pavement material (RAP), with the highest proportion and new aggregates, new Asphalt is mixed into asphalt hot mix recycled mixture to save a lot of mineral and asphalt resources for the project. More importantly, it is effective in reducing the exploitation of sand and gravel materials and occupying land resources, polluting the environment, and achieving a circular economy development model and sustainable development.





1.The overall redesign of the mixing building.

Sinoroader hot reclaimed asphalt mixing plant taking the “integral” design and using regeneration as a “standard configuration” of a asphalt mixing equipment is an indispensable part of the whole set of equipment, and abandoning the traditional idea of putting together the “regeneration function”.

2.Matching large capacity mixing pot.

Compared with the asphalt mixing plant,mobile asphalt plant,continuous asphalt mixing plant,asphalt hot mixing plant,bacth mix asphalt plant,drum asphalt mixing plant, the integrated regenerative mixing station adopts the No. 1 mixing pot (the capacity of the mixing pot is increased by 30-40%), and the equipment output can be guaranteed even under the extended stirring time.

3. Effectively alleviate the problem of recycled material bonding and asphalt aging.

The recycled materials are divided into two types according to the size of the specifications, and a "regeneration ring" device is arranged on the regenerative drying drum. A large proportion of the coarse particle recovery material is directly dried by the regeneration drum; and a small proportion of the fine particle recovery material is added through a regenerative ring device located in the middle of the regeneration drum.

4.Asphalt, heavy oil flue gas and dust collection system

The bitumen and heavy oil flue gas in the production process are collected and then enter the centralized treatment device; and the dust generated by the white material is directly processed into the dust collector.

5.Closed mixing building.

The main building is semi-closed or fully enclosed to reduce noise; the large transparent glass is used for maintenance and ventilation.

6.Asphalt and heavy oil flue gas centralized treatment device.

The bitumen and heavy oil flue gas are collected into the treatment device, and after electrostatic and spray treatment, they are finally degraded into low molecular compounds (such as CO2, H2O, etc.) by UV photolysis.