• Ethiopia speeds up road construction

    The first project is the Hamusit-Este Highway in Amhara State, which will be constructed by the Chinese construction company Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd.

    September 03th,2020 gravel to asphalt,asphalt pavements
  • Factors affecting the production and finished materials of asphalt mixing plant

    Coarse aggregate: crushed stone with sufficient strength and wear resistance, rolled gravel. It acts as a skeleton in the pavement structure. The adhesion of alkaline materials to asphalt is better, and it is common to use but its s...

    August 27th,2020 asphalt mixing plant
  • Sinoroader intelligent asphalt distributor innovative technology

    Sinoroader has worked diligently and worked tirelessly to overcome technical difficulties and was the first to develop an intelligent asphalt distributor in our country.

    August 14th,2020 asphalt spreading,vertical mixing of the asphalt,modified asphalt spraying,intelligent asphalt distributor
  • Summary of common problems in construction quality of asphalt mixing plant

    In order to promote the quality of asphalt engineering, we will combine these production and construction experience to analyze and find the construction process The reasons for some of the problems in this section will provide you ...

    August 3th,2020 asphalt mixing plant
  • Asphalt mixing plant is the key equipment for asphalt road construction

    Asphalt mixing plant is the key equipment for asphalt road construction, its performance directly affects the quality of road construction pavement.

    July 29th,2020 Asphalt mixing plant,equipment for asphalt road construction
  • The difference between emulsified asphalt and cold base oil

    Emulsified asphalt is mainly used for road upgrade and maintenance, such as stone chip seal, and there are a variety of unique and irreplaceable applications of other asphalt materials, such as cold mix and slurry seal.

    July 23th,2020 Emulsified asphalt,emulsified bitumen
  • What are the principles when the asphalt heating tank is heated?

    The asphalt heating tank is forcedly circulated by a hot oil pump to heat the asphalt to the use temperature, which can heat various asphalts.

    July 16th,2020 asphalt heating tank
  • Trouble shooting method of cylinder in asphalt mixing station

    The asphalt mixing station is divided into four parts: sand and stone feed, powder (cement, fly ash, expansion agent, etc.) feed, water and admixture feed, transmission mixing and storage.

    July 8th,2020 Asphalt mixing plant manufacturers,asphalt mixing station
  • What equipment is included in the entire asphalt mixing plant equipment?

    According to the different needs of users, the equipment of the entire asphalt mixing plant is different.

    asphalt mixing plant,mixing machine,mixing plant,asphalt batching machine,tank truck,asphalt mixing station
  • What dust filter bag is used in asphalt mixing station?

    If the asphalt mixing equipment uses heavy oil, coal or other impurity oil as fuel, it is necessary to post-process the NOMEX needle felt filter material in different ways to adapt to different use requirements.

    June 29th,2020 asphalt mixing equipment,asphalt mixing plant,asphalt equipment
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