Analysis of competition pattern of asphalt mixer industry

February 5th, 2020 asphalt pavements,asphalt mixing equipment,asphalt mixer

In recent years, the development of asphalt pavements such as domestic roads and roads has been in full swing. According to relevant industry data, as of the end of 2011, the total mileage of domestic asphalt pavement exceeded 570,000 kilometers. As one of the indispensable equipment for highway construction and maintenance, the asphalt mixing equipment has a considerable market demand. Industry analysts point out that during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the average annual growth rate of domestic asphalt pavement highways exceeds 9%, and expressways will reach more than 130,000 kilometers. Asphalt pavement highway construction is still in a period of rapid development. This greatly promoted the demand for asphalt mixing equipment.

Judging from the current situation, there are more than 30 existing asphalt mixer manufacturers in China, but there are only about 20 companies with a certain benefit scale. Among these asphalt mixing equipment enterprises, some foreign-funded enterprises have formed a certain monopoly by virtue of their strong capital and technological advantages, and have a certain dominant power over prices, so their profit levels are relatively high. However, with the continuous growth of domestic and foreign joint ventures, market competition has gradually increased, and as the domestic customer base has matured, its development in China has become increasingly competitive. The domestic advantageous asphalt mixing equipment enterprises have continuously narrowed the gap between product quality and the brand of foreign-funded enterprises through their own technology accumulation and brand cultivation. Its product prices are also relatively high, so it has a higher income level and also occupies a larger market share. In the low-end field of asphalt mixing equipment, there are a large number of manufacturers, their product quality is not reliable, and the price of output products is relatively low, which makes it difficult to form a certain income scale.

Throughout the entire domestic asphalt mixer industry and market, industry income and profit levels have been growing. But the growth of dominant companies is significantly smaller than that of small businesses. If China's asphalt mixer enterprises want to maintain strong competitiveness, they need to continuously improve their technical level and product quality, attach importance to brand building, and establish their own sales channels in line with the overall development of the asphalt mixing equipment industry. In the future, China's asphalt mixing equipment will have three major development trends: large-scale asphalt mixing equipment, energy-saving, emission-reducing, and environmental-friendly asphalt mixing equipment will be favored, and automatic and intelligent control of products will be valued.