The S-valve series of high-pressure pumps is concrete transport machines widely used for the construction works in city construction, bridge construction, electric power and other energy source facilities and so on. The machines adopt world-level advanced technologies such as open hydraulic loop,distributing valve auto-compensation clearance, constant power control, all-hydraulic automatic reverse and electric proportional control.


1.International brand accessories, high reliability, low failure rate, and can be sold locally, easier after sale.

2.Adopting double-pump and double-circuit open hydraulic system, the main pumping oil circuit and the S-valve swinging oil circuit are independent of each other, which makes the system simple, the component life is extended, the reliability is higher, and the fault diagnosis and elimination are facilitated.


3.With anti-pump function, it is convenient to eliminate the tube plugging fault in time, and can be shut down for a short time.


4.The advanced S tube distribution valve can automatically compensate for the wear gap and has good sealing performance.


5.Wear-resistant alloy glasses plate and floating cutting ring for long life. The maximum life of the glasses board can reach up to 30,000 square meters.


6.Automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure effective lubrication during machine operation.


7.With remote control, the operation is safer and more convenient.


8.All parts and components are all national standard, and the interchangeability is good.


9.The cooling system adopts a forced air-cooling large radiator device to ensure that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 70 °C, thereby ensuring that the main hydraulic system is in a normal working state.



Performance HBTS40-12-82R HBTS60-12-82R HBTS80-13-129R
Max.Theoretical Output (m3/h) 40/30 60/40 80/50
Max concrete pumping pressure (Mpa) 10/6 12/7 9/16
Max conveyor distance(Horizontal/Vertical) 500/150 700/150 1000/150
Main motor power 82 82 110
Main oil pump displacement 112 112 112*2
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke 180*1200 180*1300 200*1650
High-low pressure switch Have Have Have
Hopper capacity 0.4 0.6 0.8
Max. aggregate diameter 40/30/25 50/40 50/40
Inside diameter of delivering pipe 150 180 180
Feeding height 1250 1400 1500
Dimensions: length×width×height 4200*1520*1750 5100*1700*2000 6200*2000*2260
Total weight 3500 4300 6300
Include pipe  (m) 100 150 150

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 Trailer Concrete Pump

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