Main Components:  heating system, insulation system, asphalt pump&valve system,boiler system.

Our factory-built asphalt tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes. Capacities of our conventional tanks range from3000 T  to55000 T. Larger models are also available. We offer the Asphalt tanks in a variety of configurations: vertical, horizontal, portable and stationary. Many options are available, including mixers for PMA, radar level gauges and power-actuated valves.

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    Q i want to konw something about the bitumen storage tank.

    2020-03-11 13:43
    A Thermal oil type asphalt storage tank working principle: It makes up for the shortcomings of long heating time and high energy consumption of traditional heating oil heating equipment. The asphalt storage tank adopts an organic heating medium (heat-conducting oil) as a heat transfer medium, coal, gas, or oil furnace as a heat source, and is forcedly circulated by a hot oil pump to heat the asphalt to the use temperature. The biggest feature of this asphalt tank is fast heating, that is, it can produce high-temperature asphalt in large quantities, save heat energy, and temporarily extract a small amount of hot asphalt. The production of hot bitumen at 160 ° C generally does not exceed 4 hours.
Bulk Bitumen Storage Tank

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