RMB series rubber modified plant is a type of special equipment to produce  rubber bitumen. It is capable of producing rubber bitumen stably, successively and efficiently. The finished rubber bitumen is featured by high-temperature stability, low-temperature flexibility, properties of aging resistance, endurance resistance and water resistance. Therefore, rubber bitumen is widely applied in express highway construction.


Technological Process: The rubber power is feeded into the rubber powder bin and scattered by the crashing device at the bottom of bin; then rubber power is delivered by spiral conveyor to continuous mixing and high-speed cutting device of rubber power and matrix asphalt. Synchronously, matrix asphalt is pumped out of tank, then through the filter (optional device) in front of asphalt pump and delivered into matrix asphalt heating-up device; heat transports from heat oil of high temperature in heat exchanger to matrix asphalt, which makes matrix asphalt temperature increase to the specified numbers in very short time. Next, the high-temperature matrix asphalt also goes into the continuous mixing and high-speed cutting device for mixing and cutting evenly to form mixtures with rubber powder; after mixing, the mixture is pumped into reaction kettle which is equipped with forceful stirring device, heating device and heat oil pipeline thermal isolation system for 45-60 minutes reaction until the viscosity and other properties of finished asphalt rubber meeting the required specification. Finally, finished asphalt rubber will be pumped out of kettle to mixing plant for application or asphalt tank for storage.


Sinoroader | Bitumen Supply System
The asphalt accurately controls the asphalt feed rate through the flow meter and the asphalt pump frequency converter.

Sinoroader | Rubber Powder Supply System
The rubber powder is added by spiral lifting plus dynamic metering spiral scale, and the rubber powder can be added at will without interrupting production. Dynamic spiral measurement can accurately calculate the instantaneous addition amount to ensure that the rubber powder and asphalt are mixed in proportion.

Sinoroader | Rapid Heating Device
The rapid heating part uses heat exchangers to exchange heat between the asphalt and the heat transfer oil in a closed condition. It can increase above 50 ℃ during asphalt transportation. At the same time, the pneumatic control valve and the asphalt pump speed regulation double Insurance are used to adjust the asphalt heating temperature to ensure the production operation can be carried out under a very small temperature difference.

Sinoroader | Mixing Tank
The mixing tank uses a stirring blade with shearing action to quickly break up the agglomerated rubber powder. The baffle baffle is added to increase the mixing effect of the rubber powder and the asphalt. A high alarm linkage is installed in the tank, and once the batch is stopped, the overflow can be avoided.

Sinoroader | Finished Storage Tank
The development tank adopts the horizontal tank and the horizontal stirring method to avoid the problem of stirring the dead angle to the greatest extent. The geared motor adopts K-type gear reducer and has reliable performance.

Sinoroader | Control System
The control system adopts the Siemens PLC+ industrial computer operation mode, and it can be fully automatic operation by setting several process parameters. Manual operation can also be performed with buttons to increase the reliability of the equipment and ensure the continuity of the project.






Max. Productivity (t/h)




Total power (kW)




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    Q Interested in obtaining an estimate in cost of your rubber blending plant and plant details.

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    Q how to product rubber bitumen?

    2020-05-11 16:28
    A Hi dear, there are two ways to add rubber crumb to the bitumen mixture: one is the dry mixing method, that is, the waste tire rubber powder is put into the mixing building together with bitumen and minerals; the other is the wet mixing method, which is to first Waste tire rubber powder and bitumen are processed into rubber bitumen, and then mixed with mineral materials.
Crumb Rubber Bitumen Plant

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