Drying Drum

After transferred into the dryer, wet materials will be shoveled by the shovel plates inside the drum and contact the hot air sufficiently, which increases the heat transfer process. Under the function of gravity and rotation, the dry material is discharged at the other side of the drying drum.

The water evaporating capacity of the dryer drum increases with the air temperature, and changes with the material water characteristics. Our drum dryer runs smoothly and reliably, with no wearing parts, less failure and long service life. It is widely used in heating and drying industry.

drying drum

1. High drying intensity, thanks to the high dispersion of material in the hot air. 
2. Fast drying speed.
3. Drying drum is simply structured with small footprint, easy to install and maintain.
4. Large output, high thermal efficiency, the drying effect can reach 99%.
5. The drying drum is set with certain angle. It can realize drying while transporting. The cylinder works stably and reliably.
6. The drying drum has "self-aligning roller device", so the riding wheels contact the rolling ring linearly. In this way,

 it will greatly reduce the abrasion and power loss;

Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is specially designed for asphalt mixing plant.

1. High wear resistance screen (65Mn) with longer working life and lower maintenance cost. The size can be designed according to customers’ requirement.

2. Draw and push type of screens are easy and convenient to maintain.

3. Types of vibrating screen we can supply: Single-shaft vibration screen, Double-shaft vibration screen and Vibration motor type vibrating screen.

4. Rated capacity of our vibrating screen: 40-80T/H with 4 layers, 80-160T/H with 4 layers, 240T/H with 5 layers, 320T/H with 5 or 6 layers, and other customized specifications.


screening system

Mixing System 

The mixer is the critical component of asphalt mixing plant.

1. “Double horizontal shaft double helix" forced type, long axis, short arm ,shallow structure; greatly reduce height size.

2. Inner lining board and blade use high wear-resistant alloy cast iron, with long service life.

3. Discharge door is equipped with electric heating or thermal oil heating, to prevent door bonding.

4. Large sliding door structure, quick discharging.

5. Two-way spiral blade, realization of three-dimensional space mixing.

6. Mixing efficiency to achieve world-class level.

7. Use upper and lower separation design, convenient to maintenance.

8. Forced gear synchronous.

9. High strength, high power coupling.

10. Four active supporting feet connection can put mixer on the ground to do maintenance.

11. World famous brand reducer, greatly reduce failure rate.

mix-01             mix-02

Baghouse Dust Collector

Provide bag house dust filter and water dust collector options. Our company's baghouse dust collector can be used for asphalt plants, concrete plants and other industry machineries. The dust will be directly transferred into silos, elevators or transfer belts.

dust collector

1.Easy and convenient for installation due to its modular structure
2.Energy-efficient aggregate heating system
3.Highly accurate measuring technology 
4.Highly effective and innovative mixing technology
5.Ergonomics automatic controlling system
6.Environment friendly due to its emission meets the environment protection standards
7.Reliable and easy for maintenance

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Asphalt Plant Components

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